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Client Testimonials

“Lou is a dedicated professional with a focused commitment to providing quality, results-oriented training that is custom-designed to help you reach your goals in a safe, effective manner. Lou truly cares about his clients and challenges us to constantly improve our performance while supporting us with his superb knowledge and helpful instruction. Lou has an engaging personality and intelligent sense-of-humor that augments his strong leadership skills and commitment to excellence. I strongly recommend Lou and urge you to ccnsider him for your own personal training needs.”

-Rod Griffith


“Lou is directly responsible for getting me in the best shape of my life! As a personal trainer he is outstanding. He motivates, supports and best of all gets results. Lou is able to adapt his style and determine what is best for each of his clients. I highly recommend Lou for anyone who wants to improve and maintain a healthy balanced life.”

-Pam Pearson


"After undergoing two surgeries in 6 months I wanted to do everything I could to be around for my grandchildren as long as possible. I had been a long distance runner for many years but had gradually stopped running and gotten out of shape over the last five years, largely because of a hectic work schedule. Because of my running experience I knew how much work would be involved and also knew that it would require a better plan than I could develop myself.

A running friend recommended Fitness Together in Westford and I have gotten exactly what I wanted – a comprehensive plan to lose weight, get me into shape to run 10 K’s again, and reduce my blood sugar levels, which at put me in a borderline diabetic level. I’m definitely working hard three times a week, but with the confidence that I’m getting to where I want to be. I’m also eating much healthier, without hunger, and can see improvements in my health practically on a daily basis. My long term goal is to reward myself for the hard work by hiking the Grand Canyon in the Fall with a friend."

-Max Ward

"My Husband and I work full time; we have 3 active teenagers at home, 2 dogs and a hamster. Life is busy. Lou Cook is my trainer and I've found I'm trainable! He explains the goal of the exercise, how to do to the exercise to get the maximum benefit, and how to succeed to reach my goal. I'm learning how good food and exercise can work to my advantage. It's refreshing to see and feel the progress, and healthy progess at that.

As someone who never quite knows what to do in a traditional gym to get to where I want to be, having someone in your corner like Lou, to motivate and take charge of your overall fitness is a treat. I walk out of each session knowing that I've accomplished something that I wouldn't have otherwise and feeling good about it."

-Carrie Ranagan